December 14, 2019 SUPER S.T.E.M Saturday

A great day to learn!!! The Super Saturday S.T.E.M. Camp was fun and educational.  The kids learned a lot and the volunteers learned a lot from the students as well. There was a lot of positive energy in the building today. They did great on their math assignments as we pushed them hard in all aspects of the lesson plans. They were super energized to breakdown and build computers. Thanks to my coworker Yaseem and Khy for providing computers and showing all the students the ins and outs of how a computer works and also helping them disassemble and put together the desktop and laptop computers!!

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  1. Lisa Johnson says:

    My son and daughter learned so much on this day. My son was so excited about what he learned, that he now wants to be in IT when he gets older. The instructors for the Math portion were awesome. They helped my 8 year old daughter tremendously!!! They both can’t wait until the next Super Saturday STEM Camp.


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